SEO Monthly Management
Created: 2023-04-06 / Modified: 2023-04-06
SEO Monthly Management
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Each client is different and we customize your Monthly SEO Package to your needs. These tailored packages may include:


On-page optimization: keyword optimization, meta description optimization, internal linking, title tag optimization, content optimization, adding alt text to images, and ongoing recommendations for website improvements to address search engine updates.


Off-page optimization: local directory management, link outreach and link-building, leveraging marketing opportunities across adjacent marketing channels and various platforms.


Technical SEO: make sure the website is mobile-friendly, identify and implement opportunities to improve website pagespeed and performance, perform regular website crawls to identify possible errors or missed opportunities, manage and submit sitemaps to search engines, create and optimized structured data markup for site pages, manage webmaster responsibilities


Content creation + optimization: create new and engaging content aimed towards engaging with new audiences and nurturing brand relationships with existing ones. 


Keyword management: Optimize each website page for relevant keyword targets, keyword tracking and reporting, provide keyword analysis of website content to identity keyword cannibalization, exam keyword trends for changes in search volume and identify new opportunities for content and audience engagement.


Competitor analysis: perform research on competitors’ links, keywords, content, and other metrics to determine opportunities to improve our client’s market share.  


Monthly Reporting: Monthly reporting that details work completed, overall campaign performance, website traffic breakdowns (by channel/medium/source), website health, content analysis (top content and landing pages), keyword performance, goal tracking, and other valuable KPIs.


Conversion rate optimization (CRO): the process of optimizing overall website design, landing pages, other assets to increase opportunities for goal conversion or lead-generation


Persona mapping: the creation of fictitious, but realistic profiles of target customers to better understand user’s needs and behavior.


Google Analytics audits: Comprehensive analysis of Google Analytics data in an effort to create new opportunities to improve website performance and increase conversions, identify top content, grasp a better understanding of user behavior, and review goal performance.