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LLC Formation
Created: 2023-07-06 / Modified: 2023-09-27
LLC Formation
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Our LLC Formation Filing Service is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and businesses establish their Limited Liability Companies (LLC) with efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind. We streamline creating an LLC, ensuring all legal requirements are met and documentation is filed correctly.


What's included:


  1. Comprehensive Consultation: Before starting the process, our team will conduct an initial consultation to understand your business objectives and provide insights into the benefits and obligations of an LLC.
  2. Name Availability Check: We will thoroughly search to ensure your desired business name is available and compliant with state-specific naming conventions.
  3. Preparation of Articles of Organization: Our specialists will draft and prepare the Articles of Organization tailored to your business specifics.
  4. State-Specific Compliance: We stay updated with the latest state regulations and requirements, ensuring that your LLC formation adheres to all current legal standards.
  5. EIN Procurement: Assistance with obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, crucial for tax purposes and other business operations.
  6. Operating Agreement Creation: Drafting a customized operating agreement that outlines the managerial and operational structure of your LLC.
  7. Registered Agent Service: If needed, we can help you appoint a registered agent for your LLC, ensuring timely and compliant receipt of state documents and legal notices.
  8. Filing & Document Submission: We handle all document submissions to the appropriate state agency, ensuring accurate and prompt filing.
  9. Ongoing Support: Post-formation, we're here to assist with any questions or additional requirements.
  10. Digital & Physical Copies: Once your LLC is formed, you'll receive digital and hard copies of all essential documents for your records.


It's essential to consult with a legal or financial advisor for specific advice about your situation. Our service is administrative and consultative and does not substitute for legal counsel.

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